Take the happiness survey

(To learn more about why we’re doing this, visit the About page.)

The Happiness Initiative Survey should take you about 12 minutes, but it will be 12 minutes well spent. At the end of the survey, you will receive the happiness scores in 10 different domains that depict the sense of the balance of life and the way conditions that generally contribute to happiness are being met in different communities or individuals’ lives. Taking the survey will help us better understand how these conditions are affecting people’s well-being and will be extremely useful in guiding further action to create sustainable and happy communities. So we hope you’re willing to spend 12 minutes to complete the survey!

UM students, please click here.
UM faculty & staff, please click here.
Even if you’re not currently a student, faculty or staff  at UM, you can also take the survey here.

(Note: We are tracking the UM students’ results, so we have a survey referral code that is specific for the students. Please make sure that if you’re not a UM student, you do not have the referral code ‘uofm007’ entered. If you’re a UM faculty/staff, ensure that you have ‘uofm026’ as the referral code.)

If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste the URL to your browser.

Students: http://happycounts.org/survey/GNH/uofm007
Faculty & Staff: http://happycounts.org/survey/GNH/uofm026
Other: http://happycounts.org/survey/GNH/

The Happiness Initiative is a national project offering tools and resources to communities and individuals seeking to enhance their well-being.  The mission of the Happiness Initiative is to work for a just, healthy and resilient society where all people have the opportunity to pursue happiness.  Happiness Initiative at the University of Michigan is a local happiness initiative that uses the tools and resources developed and provided by The Happiness Initiative.

Please note that all materials are prototypes and are currently under development. We would appreciate your suggestions and sharing of best practices to help assure the materials distributed are of the highest quality. 


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